Exclusive Opportunity for Local Residents

January 28th, 2016

In this Thursday’s Waconia Patriot, Community Energy Solar announced the Lake Waconia Community Solar Program.

Community Solar Waconia Patriot Ad 1-28-16 FINAL


Community Energy Solar is currently developing a community solar garden in Waconia Township to serve 250 households.  Residents can sign up for a Solar Share of the Lake Waconia project to save up to 30% on their electric bills.

We are reserving Solar Shares for local residents to make sure that you have the first opportunity to participate. Lake Waconia Solar Shares will only be available to 250 customers, which is roughly 5% of the households in Waconia.  Solar Shares sell out fast.  Sign up now while Solar Shares are still available!

With a Lake Waconia Solar Share:

  • You could save up to 30% on your electric bill
  • No solar panels or equipment on your property
  • No up-front payment required
  • Homeowners and renters qualify

Please call us today at 612-400-8878. Solar Shares are limited to approximately 250 households. The Solar Shares will be reserved exclusively for residents of Waconia through February 15, 2016.


Call to Reserve Your Solar Share by February 15.




The Lake Waconia Solar Shares are made available through Xcel Energy’s Solar*Rewards Community® program.