Community Solar Meet & Greet Event

March 23rd, 2016

On Saturday, April 2nd, Minnesotans from around the Minneapolis area will gather to think big about the future of their city at the City of Minneapolis’ Community Connections Conference. The conference will focus on areas of development and planning in the city, with an emphasis on ensuring the vibrancy and resiliency of Minneapolis for the future. An exciting and fun, new addition to the conference this year is the Solar Speed Dating event being held by Fresh Energy, an independent non-profit that has been committed to energy policies that work for all Minnesotans for over 20 years.

The event features five community solar garden developers working in the greater Minneapolis area, including “Community Leader” Community Energy Solar. The event offers residents a chance to get to know the different developers and projects in the area and partner with the one that best suits their needs. Community Energy Solar is excited to be part of this event and to be a part of the community’s efforts to build a brighter, greener future for the residents of the greater Minneapolis area.

Want to know what to ask when looking for the right community solar partner? Check out this helpful FAQ resource by Clean Energy Resource Teams, as well as Fresh Energy’s Consumer-Friendly Community Solar Pledge.

We look forward to seeing you there!