Community Solar Snapshot – Edna Ortiz

October 24th, 2014

Thanks to new net metering laws, eligible Massachusetts residents are able to subscribe to a share of a local solar project, and save money on their utility bills. Edna Ortiz of Worcester, MA wanted to go solar but just like 75% of households, she didn’t qualify for rooftop solar. Knowing that she could save even more with Community Solar with no maintenance or panels on her roof, her decision was made. Here Edna shares a few reasons why she was glad to choose Community Solar!

Why did you choose Community Solar?

About a week after I learned I couldn’t do rooftop solar, I talked to Don at Community Energy. I asked him a lot of questions and he provided a lot of information. We did a conference call and he broke down what Community Solar looked like and all of the options. I also did some research on National Grid’s site for green energy, and eventually got linked to Community Energy.

Did you look into other green or solar options?

There wasn’t much out there. Weatherization and that sort of thing, but not too many green energy options outside of rooftop solar. I talked to one installer, they checked out my roof and said that there was too much shade from the trees. I didn’t want to prune or take any down so I gave up on the rooftop solar option because it wouldn’t work for me.

What was your experience like with Community Energy staff?Community Solar Highlight

Don was great. He was really positive, engaging, and educated me a lot in the process. He answered all of my questions. I liked that the main FAQs were already on your website, but if anything popped up I called Don and he always got back to me very quickly. Especially with the National Grid price going up November 1st, I asked him if anything would change and he assured me that I was locked in. I even referred a neighbor to talk to Don.

What was your experience in choosing a subscription plan?

Well at first I was a little skeptical because it’s new, so I did some research online on community solar and Community Energy and felt reassured. After talking to Don I wanted to sign up. My experience was really great. I chose the “Save Later” plan. No down payment, no money down on that one. It was the middle of the road option and that is usually what I choose since I have a moderate income. That was what I could afford, and I feel really good about it.

What would you say to someone else who is thinking about going solar and has the option to choose Community Solar?

Here is what I told my friend across the street, “Not only are you tapping into green energy and doing something good for the environment, but you’re also eventually going to always save money with Community Solar”.  I mentioned about National Grid increasing their rates, and even though the project won’t come online until the spring, the price will never be as much as National Grid. I am all about trying to be as environmental as I can! It makes me feel really good choosing Community Solar. Especially that I’m saving money doing something to decrease my footprint.

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