Community Energy Solar Pledges As A “Community Leader”

March 11th, 2016

This morning Fresh Energy, an independent non-profit with a 20-year history committed to energy policies that work for all Minnesotans, debuted their Consumer Friendly Community Solar Rating. Fresh Energy (Originally “Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy” (ME3)) was one of the early organizations helping to develop the state’s solar policy, and is now focused on developing best practices for the rapidly growing community solar industry. Community Energy Solar has pledged as a Community Leader and Good Neighbor, and was the first developer to take that pledge and one of the only that stands at the highest pledge level.

Our Statement:

“As a leading renewable energy supplier and developer with a 15-year track record, Community Energy Solar has taken the Community Leader and Good Neighbor community solar pledge. We understand the importance of transparent, consumer-friendly contract terms and pricing that enable the development and construction of new solar power in Minnesota. As an example, our contract includes a straightforward cancellation option, which gives customers the choice to transfer the contract free of charge or pay a simple, low cancellation fee. Community Energy Solar is proud to take this pledge and we applaud Fresh Energy for developing Consumer Friendly Community Solar Rating and setting best practices for community solar garden subscriptions that work for consumers and new solar development. Interested residents can call Community Energy’s dedicated team of Solar Consultants to learn more or receive a personalized proposal at 612-400-8878 or visit”